Upcoming Video Sales – VJV

Please note: Our video sales run in conjunction with our Regular Show Alley. Please use the link provided with each video auction to go to the corresponding mart for log in.


Thu Jul 29
9:00 AM Regular Cattle Sale

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  Nick Villiger – Rio Grande, Ab
66 Steers – 50% Angus/Char cross, 25% Angus/Maine Anjou cross, 25% Angus
Weight Rg: 875 - 1000
Base: 940 Lbs

  Dave Matheson – Hythe, Ab
100 Steers – 75% British Exotic cross, 25% British
Weight Rg: 850 - 975
Base: 930 Lbs

Remember that it is now mandatory that all cattle being sold at VJV must be tagged with an approved RFID tag.